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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in Dublin

10. Irish Rail

MAP   SITE   +353 1 703 2358

To start off our Top Ten Dublin tours, we thought we’d keep it classic and stick with an all-time favorite: the Irish Rail. No, it has nothing to do with alcohol, sorry travelers. This handy train system can get you pretty much anywhere you need to be around the greater Dublin area. Tickets can be purchased as singles or for multiple days, so plan your travels ahead of time to get the best deal. Trains run 24/7. 

9. DublinBikes


Tired of the hassle of buses and cars and taxis? Take your travels into your own hands and onto two wheels with DublinBikes: the ultimate Top 10 Dublin bike rental experience. With docking stations located all over the city, you can check in and check out as you please. Buzz between distilleries and cafes with the wind in your hair and don’t worry about when you have to bring it back—it’s up to you! With a convenient basket in front, you can carry your brewskis from place to place. Bikes available 24/7. 

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8. Dublin Bus

MAP   SITE   +353 1 703 4533

It may not be the most exciting mode of transport, but it sure beats trying to drive with Irishmen (only kidding). The Dublin Bus system is well-maintained and rated highly, offering tickets for single rides or multiple day passes. If you’re hopping between distillery tours, Guinness getaways, and wine adventures, the bus is a great alternative to trying to find your own way. Keep it classy and don’t make the Irish mad. Buses run 24/7. 

7. Irish Ferries

MAP   SITE  +353 1 607 5519

Sailing gracefully onto our Top 10 Dublin tours are the Irish Ferries, twinkling magical creatures that grant your Irish wishes, wait…we might have that wrong. Nevertheless, Irish Ferries boat tours are a great chance to get crazy amazing views of the city from the banks of the River Liffey. Coasting peacefully along the river and eating Irish treats, you’ll feel relaxed in no time. With a fleet of ships, you’ll never be left on the shore. Boats run daily, tours bookable online. 

6. Ireland by Taxi

Why try and figure out the way Ireland driving works on your own? Let a knowledgeable local guide you around the emerald city and let your mind be free to ponder the importance of potatoes. With a great reputation of customer service and rides bookable online, your travels have never been easier. Top 10 Dublin tip: this is a great service to use for affordable rides to the airport! Taxis run daily, bookable by phone or online. 

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5. Dowling Chauffeur Drive

MAP   SITE   +353 86 783 7995

Looking for a classy ride for that special Top 10 Dublin date night? The Dowling Chauffer Drive with take you to your destination in style, well the car will be stylish, but who’s to say what your outfit will look like. This car service boasts one priority many others don’t: personalized service. Tell them all your wishes and they will do their best to accommodate, isn’t that nice? Make sure to tip, they like to drink fine whiskey too. Drivers bookable online.  


MAP   SITE   +353 1 703 3504

Speeding its way onto our Top Ten Dublin tours is none other than the Dublin Area Rapid Transit, a.k.a. the DART! Apart from teleporting, this is the ultimate way to get around Dublin. Zoom from distillery to distillery and don’t worry about how many whiskeys you’ve had, you aren’t the driver! Tickets can be purchased for single rides or multiple days, so plan ahead travelers. You don’t want to be caught without a ticket…they will lock you up and take away the whiskey, gasp!

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3. Coolmine Equestrian Center

Neigh, this is not a move you want to miss travelers. The Coolmine Equestrian Center offers incredible horseback riding tours around the beautiful Dublin countryside. Put the worries of the city behind you and wander through the greenery taking in the fresh air. With knowledgeable guides, you won’t need to horse around to have a great Top 10 Dublin tour. Open Tues 8:30 AM – 8 PM, Wed 8:30 AM – 9 PM, Thurs 8 AM – 6 PM, Fri 2 – 7 PM, and Sat – Sun 8 AM – 6:30 PM. Closed Mondays, horses apparently don’t like Mondays either. 

2. Dublin CityScape Luxury Sightseeing

Did you know that you could see the sights in luxury? You can! This super cool Top 10 Dublin tour offers sightseeing tours in an ultra-modern double decker tour bus. This high-style version of hop-on/hop-off touring let’s you see over 30 attractions around Dublin’s city center without having to coordinate rides! A word of advice from the Irish: never iron your four-leaf clover, you’ll press your luck. Tours bookable online. 

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1. Skerries Sea Tours

Ay, ay captain! The Skerries Seatours will give you a nautical view on the city, crashing through waves and roaring up the river in boats driven by trustworthy Irishmen. The Top 10 Dublin tour goes past Lambay Island and the Rockabill Lighthouse so you’ll get to see more than one cool attraction along your wet and wild ride. Just make sure you haven’t had too much whiskey, or at least wear a giant life jacket. Tours run about two hours, bookable online or by phone. 

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